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We Provide All Aspects Of Medical Practice For Your Whole Family!

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Ordering a test online with MLS Diagnostics is easy. Simply visit our website at www.mlsdiagnostics.com, search for your required test or package, select it, and click on the "Book Now" button. Fill in your details and make the payment to submit your order successfully.

At MLS Diagnostics, we prioritize quality in everything we do. We are committed to delivering accurate, reliable, and actionable diagnostic results that contribute to better patient care. Our focus on quality sets us apart and ensures that you receive the best possible service.

For routine tests, you can expect to receive your reports within 24 hours. However, some tests may take longer, and you will receive them as soon as they are ready. You can conveniently download your reports from our website by logging into your account. We also send the reports to your registered WhatsApp number and email ID for your convenience.

If you are a healthy adult under 40, an annual full body checkup is recommended to monitor your health condition. However, if you are over 40, it is advisable to schedule checkups twice a year. Regular checkups become more important as we age and are more susceptible to diseases.
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MD Physician
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x Medical Officer AIIMS Patna